The file grammar/tatsu.ebnf contains a grammar for the 竜 TatSu grammar language written in its own grammar language. It is used in the bootstrap test suite to prove that 竜 TatSu can generate a parser to parse its own language, and the resulting parser is made the bootstrap parser every time 竜 TatSu is stable (see tatsu/bootstrap.py for the generated parser).

TatSu uses 竜 TatSu to translate grammars into parsers, so it is a good example of end-to-end translation.


The project examples/calc implements a calculator for simple expressions, and is written as a tutorial over most of the features provided by 竜 TatSu.


The project examples/g2e contains an example ANTLR to 竜 TatSu grammar translation. The project is a good example of the use g2e. It generates the 竜 TatSu grammar on standard output, but because the model used is 竜 TatSu’s own, the same code can be used to directly generate a parser from any ANTLR grammar. Please take a look at the examples README to know about limitations.